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Necklaces 268 5JAF2 necklace 267 5JAF2 Necklaces 280 5JAF2 Collar Statement Necklace Set with Beads and Rhinestone Detail 5JAD7 Tribal Chain and Bead Collar Statement Necklace 5JAD6
Egyptian inspired Oval Faux Stone and Chain Drop Statement Necklace 5JAD5 Charm Patterned Tassel Detail Statement Necklace Set 5JAD5 Coin and Chained Layered Necklace with Scarf Detail Necklace 5JAD3 Aztec Collar Drop Necklace with Tassel Chain Detail 5JAD3 Tribal inspired Statement Necklace Set with Crescent Hammered Charm Detail 5JAD2
Small Pouch Necklace with Tassel Fringed Detail 5JAD1 Pouch Necklace with Arrow with Faux Stone Detail 5JAD1 Long Braided and Chained Necklace with Tassel Fringed Detail 5JAC9 Small Faux Suede Pouch with Beaded and Fringed Detail 5JAC9 Pebbles On The Memory Play Necklace 5GBE4
Black Faux Leather Choker with Chain Tassel Detail 5JAB10 Cleopatra inspired Rhinestone Statement Necklace 5JAB9 Tribal inspired Long Beaded Collar Statement Necklace Set with Triangle Detail 5JAB4 Braided Collar Statement Necklace Set with Flower Rhinestone Detail 5JAB1 Tribal inspired Collar Necklace with Long Fringe Detail 5IDA9
Braided Fabric and Ribbon Collar Necklace Set with Tassel Waterfall Detail 5IDA8 Egyptian Inspired Collar Rhinestone Necklace with Triangle Pattern Mesh Detail 5JAC7 Floral Encrusted Rhinestone and Pearl Statement Necklace Set 5JAC6 Cluster of Oval Faux Gemstone Necklace 5JAC5 Cluster of Teardrops Faux Gemstones Statement Necklace 5JAC4
Mixed Shape Gemstones Statement Necklace 5JAC3 Flower Lace Choker with Tassel Pendant Necklace 5JAC1 Choker Necklace with Tassel and Charm Necklace 5JAC1 Native Americans Necklace 5HBC4 American Indian Fortune Teller Style Necklace 5HBI4