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Metal Trick The Playground Necklace 5GAB7 American Indian Fortune Teller Style Necklace 5GAB7 Huge Fashion Rope Necklace 5GAB6 The Head of Medusa Necklace 5GAB5 Simple Celestial Moons Necklace 5GAB4
Fancy Queen Of Egypt Necklace 5GAB4 Antique Pendent Straight Shape Necklace 5GAB3 Oversize Fashionable Necklace 5GAB2 Antiques Drop Water Shape Necklace 5GAB2 Four Long Line Tassel Necklace 5GAB1
Round Chain Bead Rhinestone Necklace 5GAB Antique Straight Shape Cut-Out Tassel Necklace 5GAB NECKLACE Tiny Bead Double Rhinestone Necklace 5GAB Yam Tassel Drop Circle Antique Nacklace 5GAB Layered Chain Rhinestone Shape Necklace 5GAB
Chevron Marking Plate Open Circle Dangle Necklace 5FCJ8 Antique Marking Double Layer Plate Necklace 5FCJ8 Long Suede Texture Tassel Drop Chain Necklace 5FCJ8 Multiple Stick Bar Lined Plate Collar Necklace 5FCJ7 Dented Collar Plate Chain Drop Linked Necklace 5FCJ6
Aztec Imprinted Choker Long Charm Chain Drop Necklace 5FCJ5 Multiple Layered Bead Chain Yarn Tassel Necklace 5FCJ4 Antique Stone Bead Triangle Cutout Statement Necklace 5FCJ4 Two Tone Layer Beaded Yarn Tassel Detail Necklace 5FCJ4 Bar Drop Pendant Collar Feather Dangle Necklace 5FCJ2
Teardrop Sparkly Rhinestone Statement Necklace 5FCJ1 Double Bead Bar Layered Long Chain Drop Necklace 5FCJ1 Bead Square Connected Chain Drop Collar Necklace 5FCE9 Two Circle Ring Linked Together Rope Necklace 5FCE7 Triangle Rectangle Vintage Cutout Layer Rope Necklace 5FCE7