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Round Chain Statement Necklace Round Chain Linked Statement Necklace Black Choker Set with Chain Statement Necklace Rectangle Half Crescent Drop Necklace 5KBA8 Blue Winter Rhinestone Layered Necklace Set 5KBA7
Raindrop Pendant Collar Chain Tassel Layer Necklace 5GCD1 Egyptian Style Collar Statement Necklace Set 5KAF5 Tribal Oval Collar Statement Necklace Set 5KAF4 Triangle Drop Chain Necklace Set 5KAF3 Egyptian Style Rhinestone Necklace Set 5KAF3
Flower Pendant Collar Statement Necklace 5KAF1 Triangular Choker with Tassel Drop Detail 5KAE8 Choker with Tassel Drop Detail 5KAE8 Black Rhinestone Statement Necklace Set 5KAE8 Flower Rhinestone Tassel Drop Necklace Set 5KAE7
V Shaped Lined Flower Statement Necklace Long Pendant Necklace with Tassel Fringe Faux Suede Necklace 5JCD5 Flower Rhinestone encrusted Collar Necklace and Earring Set 5ICI8 Two Tone Flower Garden Necklace Pendant Drop Necklace with Tassel Fringe Detail Charm 5KAB5
Egyptian Rhinestone Drop Statement Necklace Set 5KAB4 Bead and Chain Collar Statement Necklace Set 5KAB3 Chain Collar Necklace Set with Earrings 5KAB2 Tribal inspired Long Beaded Collar Statement Necklace Set with Triangle Detail 5JAB4 Long Fringe Turquoise Statement Necklace 5IBI01
Aztec Statement Necklace Set with Rhinestone and Faux Stone Detail 5JCH3 Tribal Statement Necklace Set with Flower Rhinestone and Fringe Detail 5JCH2 Egyptian inspired Round Medallion Necklace Set 5JCG5 American Indian Fortune Teller Style Necklace 5HBI4 Fringed Tassel Statement Necklace Set 5JCG1